Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Here is video that my brother-in-law, Nick, made using my camera.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

In this video are my dad, mom, sisters Heidi and Irene, brother Fred and girlfriend Suzette, nephews Louis and Christopher, niece Sarah and me!

Wednesday's Goal

Bill and I went to dinner with Connie Weber, who was Bill's trainer at a Blackboard Certification Program, at Abuelos.  I met her once in Las Vegas for a conference and is such a delight!  We enjoyed a great evening.

Today, I will get to my next goal of cleaning the kitchen area.  The dining area of the kitchen is piled with stuff that Bill needs to go through.  Yuck.  I hope to clear the area out to maybe two of three things.  One of the best appliances I purchased as a Bissell Steam Cleaner for the floor. It gets the floor nice and clean with no chemicals.  This one is much better than the Shark model.

I think at lunch today I'll go look at curtains for the living room.  Need something different.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday's Goal

I had  to change up my goal list.  One of Bill's "Boston 8" Blackboard friends is coming into town and we are going out to dinner on Wednesday evening.  Remember I mentioned in the orginal blog about not getting out and talking to people?  Here ya go!

Karen ordered pizza for us last night (yippee) and then went to work on the living room.  I won't even get into how much dog hair I vacuumed.  So glad I bought a Dyson!

Anyway, I was done by 7:00 pm, so what was I to do?  I went on the desk top computer and listend to an old radio show "George Washington Slept Here" and played one computer game.  Then played with the dogs, chatted with Bill then went to bed.

So, tonight will be different and going out to dinner.  It will be fun going out on a school night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday's Goal

Well, it can be done!  I achieved my Monday goal of cleaning our room and washing clothes..and then some!  Cooked dinner (scalloped potatos from a box, yams from the can and green beens in the microwave), cleaned the room, washed the clothes, shredded papers, and loaded the dishwasher.

One of the benefits of cleaning was that Bill continued his project of cleaning a closet and Karen also cleaned her room.  Karen and I also looked at pictures and the Mother's Day book she made me 10 years ago.

It was hard not to go on Facebook and go to the news sites to keep up with the world.  My world is just a little bit cleaner.

Oh, yea, watched "Big Bang Theory" while folding clothes!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goal for this Week

In the evening when I come home from work, I immediately go to the tv room in the house and watch tv.  I also grab the laptop computer and go on the web and then play computer games.  This has to stop!

I have been feeling rather "sklunklish" (from Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer), just not wanting to do anything in the evenings and the weekends.  This includes cleaning the house, going out to run errands, talking to people, etc.  So here is the plan for the week:

Clean and try to begin organizing the following rooms:
   Monday - clean our room and wash clothes
   Tuesday - clean the computer room and the media room.  These rooms are small enough to handle in one night
   Wednesday - clean the living room
   Thursday - clean the kitchen
   Friday - is Joe's, Starbucks and 1/2 Price Books!  No cleaning!
   Saturday - clean the bathrooms and touch up what was left over during the week.  Do something fun!

Let's see how this goes!