Monday, July 19, 2010

News 8 Daybreak Scroll - updates

When watching the news this morning, WFAA News 8 Daybreak did not run the news scroll this morning. Wonder if I had anything to do with it?

Tuesday, July 20
They did have the scroll on this morning. One grammatical error (which was fixed) and one had and question mark after a word. Did not notify them. It seems to be that the errors are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thursday, July 22
The news program did not have the scoll on early this morning, but had it on later in the program. The typo this morning was on the bottom header of a particular health news report. The word that was incorrect was "rebab" instead of "rehab".
I e-mailed the executive producer and did not hear from him. I saw the news story again on the noon telecast and I sent him the incorrect typo! The typo I sent was "rebah" and should have been "rebab". Oh, well. The executive producer must have the day off.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I watch News 8 Daybreak in the morning when getting ready to go to work. I am probably one of those rare people who read the news scrolls on the bottom of the TV screeen.

On Tuesday morning while reading the scroll, I noticed two typos. After about an hour of watching the news program and thinking someone at the station would find the errors, I contacted the station via their Facebook page. Here is the conversation:

Fran DeWysockieNews 8 Daybreak: Who proofs the scrolls on the bottom of the screen? Check out the last three words of the "Garlington Lane" fire and the "K2" story (K@).
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News 8 Daybreak
Fran, It is "Garlington Lane". But thanks for the heads up on the K@, we're fixing that now.
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Fran DeWysockie
The last sentence states that " no was was injuried" and should be "no one was injured"
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News 8 Daybreak
Thanks again Fran......You want a job? ;)
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Karen Welborn
I'm too busy facebooking and playing Frontierville to notice typos on your scroll! haha! oh, and sippin' my yummy coffee! ;o)
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News 8 Daybreak
Apparently the person entering the info is too busy as well.
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Job offer?
It is great to know that television stations listen to their viewers! I love their morning newscast and only want the best for them.