Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I watch News 8 Daybreak in the morning when getting ready to go to work. I am probably one of those rare people who read the news scrolls on the bottom of the TV screeen.

On Tuesday morning while reading the scroll, I noticed two typos. After about an hour of watching the news program and thinking someone at the station would find the errors, I contacted the station via their Facebook page. Here is the conversation:

Fran DeWysockieNews 8 Daybreak: Who proofs the scrolls on the bottom of the screen? Check out the last three words of the "Garlington Lane" fire and the "K2" story (K@).
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News 8 Daybreak
Fran, It is "Garlington Lane". But thanks for the heads up on the K@, we're fixing that now.
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Fran DeWysockie
The last sentence states that " no was was injuried" and should be "no one was injured"
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News 8 Daybreak
Thanks again Fran......You want a job? ;)
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Karen Welborn
I'm too busy facebooking and playing Frontierville to notice typos on your scroll! haha! oh, and sippin' my yummy coffee! ;o)
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News 8 Daybreak
Apparently the person entering the info is too busy as well.
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Job offer?
It is great to know that television stations listen to their viewers! I love their morning newscast and only want the best for them.

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Katrina said...

Do you think someone would really give me a job proofreading their news feed? :)