Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Thoughts Updates!

  • When to find a time to put the inspection sticker in the Taurus (still need to do this).

  • Nephew Louis traveling today on his class mission trip to the Dominican Republic (comes home Wednesday).

  • Who will be booted from American Idol (no suprise).

  • It was 30 years ago today that my grandfather in Germany died of a stroke. Such a sad day (still think about it)

  • Family Dynamics - the best and the worst (worst is too strong a term, need to figure out another one) ongoing!

  • Needing to hold Hueston (YES!).

  • How thoughtful Bill was bringing me Starbucks this morning (so sweet).

  • Listened to "Bedtime Story" radio show with Cary Grant and Greer Garson while inputting the next year's academic schedule at work (great story)

  • Hope Bill has a good time at the Cotton Patch restaurant with his friends (he did!).

  • Trying not to get frustrated over little things. Choosing my battles (ongoing).

  • Hope Bill doesn't have to stay too late at work when he has to go back at 9:00 pm (he came home at 11:00 pm).

  • Will the workday ever end? I know it has to, but not soon enough (always does).

  • Why is it always a struggle to get motivated to go to the YMCA to exercise? I always feel better when I do (did)

  • What assignment Karen has for me (never ending!).

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Hueston is planning a SWBTS visit tomorrow, if that's okay!