Sunday, July 17, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

My husband, Bill, goes to a conference every year for the software product that he is responsible for at work.  Depending on which city it is being held, I will travel with him.  This year it was held in Las Vegas and our fourth time to travel there!

Here is some advice about staying in the city:
  1. Food is expensive!  We were overwhelmed with breakfast came to $25.00 for tea, pastry and fruit for the both of us and  the same for lunch.  Before heading out, go to and see if there are any restaurant deals.  This was helpful for dinner.  At the the Fashion Mall, there is a food court if you want fast food and Starbucks is always available.
  2. Our airfare/hotel deal from AAA gave us a $100 credit for services at the hotel.  This covered our dinner expenses for two nights.  Check travel websites for any deals.
  3. Taxis are expensive.  When going to dinner one night for a two mile drive, it was $20 each way.  The taxis actually charge for sitting at a traffic light!  Walk if you can or take public transportation.
  4. Where good shoes.  One day I walked Las Vegas Boulevard (better known as the strip) and got a really bad blister and had go get another pair of shoes that were a wider width so I can walk! 
  5. Bring a bottle of water.  Try not to buy these at the hotels and Starbucks ($4.25 a bottle).  Walgreens, CVS, ABC Stores are within walking distance and the price is much lower.
  6. Go out in the mornings, rest in the afternoon and go out in the evening.  In the evening, Las Vegas come alive.  It will be hot, especially if you travel in July, but it is a dry heat!
Things to do in Las Vegas:
  1. If you could rent a car, go to Red Rock Canyon.  It is a wonderful 13 mile drive around the outskirts of the Mojave Desert.  Beautiful rock formations, desert fauna and flora, and you may see a burrow or two.
  2. Most of the hotels have exhibits.  Go to Mandalay Bay for the aquarium, Mirage for Siegfried and Roy's animal habitat, Luxor for the Titanic exhibition, Gondola rides at the Venetian.  There is always something to see.
  3. See a show.  We have seen Wayne Newton, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera.  Las Vegas has their own spin on the shows and are fun to watch.  We tried to get tickets to Le Reve, a Cirque de Solei show, but was not performing on the night we wanted to go.  There are 1/2 price ticket locations on the strip for most of the shows for that day's performance.
  4. Go off the strip to see other hotels and other highlights of the city.  Rent a car if you can or take public transportation.  One highlight was seeing the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop where the show "Pawn Stars" is filmed.  The guys were not there and their staff is very friendly.  There is Ethel M's candy factory tour where you can see chocolate being made.  And of course, Hoover Dam.  It you have a car, get there early before the tour buses arrive.  It is a sight to see!


Karen said...

I want to go see Phantom and the Titanic exhibit! Lucky!

Ramblin' Fran said...

You went to Italy! Double Lucky!