Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since November, the sinks in Karen's bathroom have been clogged. She has asked us to have them fixed, but we were just to lazy to call anyone. We tried Liquid Plummer, tried to get the stopper out of the sink to put a snake through, but did not work.

I am hosting a baby shower within the next two weeks, so the drains needed to be cleaned out so people could wash their hands! So we had to bite the bullet to have them fixed.

Bill planned to take today off, so I called scheduled to have the plumber to come out to fix the sinks and even look at the garbage disposal.

Bill managed to fix the disposal by just removing a piece of it, clean it out and put it back on again! It only took us 1-1/2 years to do this.

I was at work when the plumber came. When Bill called to say they were there, he mentioned that the plumber would need to to through a wall in Karen's room to get to the pipe. Bill cleared out the area in her room. We were wondering if they would fix the wall, but they wouldn't be responsible for that. That would have been a disaster! After a while, the plumber found a filter pipe in the roof where they can put a super duper snake to clear the clog. Another truck had to come with the equipment to clear the clog and they also checked the rest of the pipes in the house.

All the drains are working great and we have a warranty for the next year to have them rechecked again.

The bill was pretty high, but I look at it as this - this was the first time in 12 years that we had any kind of major plumbing problems, so if you divide the cost by 12, it all comes out pretty well in the end.

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Karen said...

And it happens right as I am about to move out :P